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"I heal affluenza by exposing the myths around money and wealth. Anyone, regardless of their net worth, who believes that they must be rich, that more is always better, is a self-condemned prisoner of the 'golden ghetto'."


-- Jessie H. O'Neill

Welcome To The Affluenza Project

The Affluenza Project offers many services such as: keynotes; corporate and individual consultations; in-person and phone therapy; as well as information and other resources on affluenza, sudden wealth, and other money/wealth-related issues.


The Affluenza Project is founded and directed by Jessie H. O'Neill, MA, a licensed therapist and author of The Golden Ghetto: The Psychology of Affluence. Granddaughter of former president of General Motors and Secretary of Defense, Charles E. Wilson. Jessie O'Neill has appeared on "Oprah," "20/20," and "NBC News" as the foremost authority on this global malaise. After over 100 radio interviews and dozens of magazine stories, she is recognized as the international expert and author on affluenza and the psychology of money.


What Is Affluenza?

Individually, affluenza is a dysfunctional relationship with money/wealth, or the pursuit of it. Individual and cultural symptoms are: an inability to delay gratification and tolerate frustration; a false sense of entitlement; loss of future motivation; low self-esteem; loss of self-confidence; low self-worth; preoccupation with externals. Affluenza is not simply "a rich person's disease." Because affluenza separates us from one another -- and from ourselves -- both our personal and professional productivity decreases and all of society suffers. read more


How The Project Can Help You

The Affluenza Project web site will provide you with an overview of the definitive book on affluenza, The Golden Ghetto: The Psychology of Affluence, plus a provocative excerpt from the book, and insightful comments by others in the corporate, financial, therapeutic professions, and the media in addition to a host of resources dedicated to the discussion of affluenza.



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"Trillions of dollars will pass from one generation to the next over the coming 50 years. It is my mission to ensure the emotionally healthy transfer of this immense wealth by helping others understand the psychological effects of money on individuals and organizations."


-- Jessie H. O'Neill





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